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What does the Maternity plan include:
  • 1 hour In the operating room (Aprox.)

  • 24 hours of hospitalization In a comfortable room with: Cradle, Sleeper Sofa so the visitor can stay T.V, Wi-Fi, A/C, hot water.

  • Nursing service during the time of hospitalization to take care of the mother and the baby.

  • Medical specialists 24/7.

  • Remote monitoring of vital signs.

  • Fetus monitoring prior the childbirth or C-Section.

  • Medical Supplies for the Procedure and medicaments during the hospitalization. 

  • Hearing screening.

  • Meals to the mother under a Nutritionist Guidance.

  • First vaccine against Hepatitis B  . 

  • Vaccine against Hepatitis BCG.

  • Vitamin K.

  • One hour in transport Incubator.

  • Guidance about umbilical cord care .

  • Nutritional plan guided by a nutritionist.

  • Vaccine and vist control book.

  • Registration of the baby in "Registro Nacional de Costa Rica".

  • Born certificate to be use at the embassy. (If needed)

  • Two gynecological visits during the hospitalization and one visit after childbirth.

  • Two visits of the neonatologist pediatric during the hospitalization                                                                                                 and one appointment 8 days after childbirth. 

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