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Parking use regulation

We invite you to read carefully this regulation to avoid any type of inconvenience:


"By regulation of the Public parking Law, this business is obliged to guarantee the safety of the vehicles in its charge, as well as accessories and objects stored in them. Failure to comply with this obligation authorizes the customer to collect damages, in court. Any waiver, express or tacit, of this obligation shall be regarded as void."


1- It is the obligation and responsibility of the owners or drivers of the vehicles that access the parking to report the objects left inside the vehicle with the purpose that the parking administration can take the corresponding measures.


2- In the case of leaving objects in the vehicles, please declare the objects to the administration.


3- Close your vehicle well and activate the security mechanisms it has.


4- Report to the administration if your vehicle has any weakness in keys and windows.


5- Claims has to be report the same day and before leaving the parking facilities.


6- The loss of the entrance ticket has a cost of ¢ 1,000.00

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